50 Years of Empowering Freedom in Indonesia

Jakarta, 2019
50 Years of Empowering Freedom in Indonesia
50 Years of Empowering Freedom in IndonesiaFNF Indonesia

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is a German political foundation, which has worked around the world to empower the paramount values of freedom. It aims to promote the goal of making the principle of freedom valid for the dignity of all people and in all areas of society, both in Germany and abroad. With the safeguarding and the development of its statutory projects (civic education and dialogue, sponsorship of the talented, research and political consultation, archive-work), the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom wants to contribute to shape a better future.

Right from the outset, Dr. Dieter G. Wilke, FNF Indonesia`s first Project Director, has been on the mission to find individuals with aspirations of freedom, and even went as far as to hold an essay writing competition titled “Perceptions of Freedom According to Indonesia”. This fruitful competition marked the beginning of the Foundation’s journey in Indonesia. From the very beginning in Indonesia, the idea of freedom has been the centre of the work of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom for half a century. We believe the importance of the individual and his/ her rights and responsibilities. 

There are various perceptions about Freedom, but we believe Freedom is essential for everyone and should be beneficial for society.

Freedom is not a zero-sum game, in Empowering Freedom, we believe Freedom is an integral part of the existence that we can nourish. We would like to celebrate the efforts and send our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all our partners in supporting our 50 years journey in Indonesia. The celebration will take place at Ayana Midplaza Hotel, Jakarta on September 13, 2019. The registration starts at 6 pm.



18.00 – 19.00               Registration

19.00 – 19.05               “Jakarta” (Song)

19.05 – 19.10              Welcome Remarks: Dr. Almut Besold  (Head of Office Indonesia & Malaysia)

19.10 – 19.15              Words of Appreciation: Mr. Hendrik Barkeling (Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany)

19.15 – 19.25              Video Screening  “Empowering Freedom”

19.25 – 19.30              “Merdeka” (Song)

19.30 – 19.40              Words of Commendation

                                    Dr. Ir. Pramono Anung Wibowo, M.M. (Minister of Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia)

                                    H. Ganjar Pranowo, S.H., M.IP.* (Governor of Central Java)

19.40 – 19.50              Keynote Speaker: Bettina Stark-Watzinger (Member of FNF Executive Board and Member of Parliament in Germany)

19.50 – 19.55              “This Is Us” (Song)

19.55 – 20.10              Moments of Appreciation: Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff (Head, Regional Office Southeast and East Asia)

20.10 – 20.15              “Keep on Smiling Indonesia” (Song)

20.15 – 22.00              Gala Dinner



Timeline FNF Indonesia Works
Timeline FNF Indonesia History: Focus of Activity and PartnersFNF Indonesia

*Please note photographs will be taken at the event for the use on the FNF website, social media, FNF marketing materials and other publications.