The Foundation established the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) as a forum and venue for international political dialogue, first in Sintra (Portugal), in the early 1990s, and later on in Gummersbach (Germany), at the Theodor Heuss Academy, in 1995. Here Participants from all over the world are able to find an opportunity to share political experiences, address cultural issues and jointly seek liberal solutions to current problems.

The IAF events, designed in close cooperation with the Foundation’s projects abroad, bring together well-known experts and personalities in various fields, as well as opinion leaders, committed young liberals and budding leaders in order to discuss international topics concerning politics, economics, science, mass media and security matters. In this intercontinental, tolerant and free forum, participants share specific experiences and knowledge, come up with liberal solutions and put forward common approaches promoting intellectual freedom, cultural diversity and global relations.

Thanks to its multicultural reach, the IAF encourages tolerance among cultures, religions and political systems, thus contributing to conflict prevention and peace. Moreover, it strengthens links in the continents and regions where the Foundation runs projects. Participants in IAF activities become opinion builders in their own countries, advancing liberal political ideas and solutions.


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